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External Destinations
Wheels Spedition has diversified the services proportional to its own trucks, being able to transport the merchandise throughout all Europe. 
The most popular destinations are: France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Spain.
We choose the most safe and less travelled roads, and when the weather proves to be difficult we prefer transport routes with low risk. Every 3 hours we contact the trucks' drivers so they can tell us their position, the road situation, and once a day we inform them regarding the weather prognosis for their operation area.The base criteria is the balance between the quality of the performance and the complete safety of the transport. 

Internal Destinations
Considering the diversity of our own trucks, our company is able to promptly and in due time cover the entire Romanian territory.
Due to modern communication means (GPS and GSM systems) we permanently check the truck's position, thus it can reach its destination safely and shortly.


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