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About us

Wheels Spedition was founded in 2000 because we wanted to offer our clients quality and professionalism in granting logistic solutions. Our services portfolio includes national and international land transportation.  
Wheels Spedition has 85 employees divided in 5 departments.
The quality and promptness of the transport services lead to the development of a partners portfolio in different fields, of which we mention: Automobile Dacia Renault, Donau TransEst, Flash Europe, Dr.Oetker, Carlberson. 
Ensuring quality services for our clients is a continuous desire for the personnel of the Wheels Spedition company; thus the company has implemented a quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008, SR OHSAS 18001:2008 SN  S01479; SR EN ISO 22000:2005  SN  A 00182; ISO TEC 27001: 2013 SN SI 00118; SR EN 14001: 2005 SN  M 01034. Since we own one of the most modern auto parks from Romania, we can promptly answer to any challenge. The usual transport routes are made to: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Check Republic, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, England, Portugal. 

The team
The Wheels Spedition team is a dynamic team, with expert people, for whom the transport field holds no secrets. 
Seriousness, order and discipline represent the link between the 5 departments which are the base of the company. 
Our team sees every working day as a new challenge, and an excellent working environment leads to finding an optimum solution to any situation. 
Due to applying a management oriented towards development, we identified increasing and diverting resources for the auto park, thus in the future we will be able to include in our transport offer a greater trucks number.
The current financial situation represents the result of a healthy politics oriented towards performance and foresight. The transport offer is specialized in time keeping as constants the quality and reliability of a company with increasing partners. 

External Destinations
Wheels Spedition has diversified the services proportional to its own trucks, being able to transport the merchandise throughout all Europe. 
The most popular destinations are: France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Denmark and Spain.
We choose the most safe and less travelled roads, and when the weather proves to be difficult we prefer transport routes with low risk. Every 3 hours we contact the trucks' drivers so they can tell us their position, the road situation, and once a day we inform them regarding the weather prognosis for their operation area.

The base criteria is the balance between the quality of the performance and the complete safety of the transport. 

Internal Destinations
Considering the diversity of our own trucks, our company is able to promptly and in due time cover the entire Romanian territory.
Due to modern communication means (GPS and GSM systems) we permanently check the truck's position, thus it can reach its destination safely and shortly.

Auto Park for 1.5 tone Transport
Our company is able to offer custom solutions for your transport needs. Thus, it can place at your disposal 2 Mercedes Sprinters transport units of 1.5 tones destined for rapid transports, having a volume of 13 cubic meters, equipped for textile transport.  

Auto Park for 3.5 tone Transport
The distribution part is ensured by an auto park made of 28 vans of 3.5 tones, Mercedes Atego and Iveco Eurocargo brands, having volumes between 36 and 46 cubic meters and heights of 2.35-2.80 meters. In order to shortly and safely transport the merchandise, the vans have GPS and alarm. They can transport general pallet merchandise, machineries, hanger textiles, with 36 up to 46 bars. 

Auto Park for 24 tone Transport
In order to cover best and efficiently the entire European territory, our company owns a modern auto park made of 70 Euro5 and Euro6 trucks of 24 tones, with the following characteristics: 
• 3 meters height (mega-trailer).
• Wheels curtains.
• Risible cover. 
• ADR installation.
In order to permanently be aware of the trucks' position, they have advanced GPS systems.
The trucks we owe are carefully monitored by the personnel of the company's technical department, they also check the validity of the insurances and they are permanently preoccupied with ensuring that the revisions are made according to the Volvo authorized services planning.   
The trucks have GoBox-Germany devices, automatic marking, GPSFleet system, digital tachograph, 3 systems diesel cards. The 2 tanks of each truck are monitored 24/24, thus the company's personnel pays extra attention to the fuel consumption and to the fact if the drivers operate within the parameters indicated by Mercedes, Scania and Volvo according to the contractual agreement. 
In order that the transport unfolds in excellent conditions, the drivers periodically receive medical and psychological certificates which are internationally verified, as well as medical insurances. 
Prototype Transport Auto Park
The PROTOTIP transport division with Mercedes and Iveco transport units is one of the most evaluated in our country at the moment. Having an extended working experience with Renault, we optimized our transport abilities so that we can answer to the most difficult requirements. 
• It can load a prototype through its louver which can fold in the ramp.
• Lateral loading.
• Winch loading.
• Through original supplementary ramps.
• Floor mounting specialized with straps wheels, a floor which is specialized for vehicle transportation.
• It can load cars with 4 degrees ground guard (race angle).
All the time during a transport, the transporter has:
• GPS.
• Automatic burglary system.
• Remote hydraulic control.
• Confidential transport accompanied by specific documents.
• 500 kg-24 to repair system.
• 2 drivers.
• Renault system experience.
• Circuit program.
• O.T. status (merchandise supplement).
• Mercedes fkleet, Scaniafleet and Dynafleet ( GPS).
• ISO certification.

Auto Park
. Having a diverse auto park, our company permanently considers the technical state of the vehicles with the help of a good checking system offered by the MERCEDES and IVECO services. This attitude has almost completely eliminated the technical incidents which may appear during transportation.
Our trucks are true testaments of cleaning, they are in permanent hygiene and maintenance, they attract attention by their presence and they honor every client which respects its business card.   
IVECO Eurocargo 75E14: 6 m length, 2.35 m height, 2.45 m width (wagons) Avia, useful load of 3 to. having a merchandise anchoring system.  
Mercedes Atego 815: 6 m length, 2.35 m height, 2.45 m width (wagons) useful load of 3 to. having a merchandise anchoring system. They all have ADR system and climbing ramp for auto vehicles and an irreproachable road posture.    
Mercedes Sprinter: 4.10 m length, 1.85 m height, 1.65 m width, 2.2 to. capacity. 


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